About Us

About Us

Mario and Maria Elena Villarreal are natives of Mexico. Thirty years ago, they settled in Omaha, Nebraska where they have worked and raised seven children. Their entrepreneur endeavors came as a result of an on-the job injury that disabled Mr. Villarreal. He purchased a dozen pairs of handmade exotic skin boots and started selling door to door. His belief in hard work and dedication paid off when he started a small western store eleven years ago.

Today, they are well known and respected among the Hispanic Community. The Villarreal family strongly believes that quality products and excellent customer service along with affordable prices will keep customers coming back.

The pride that is shown in the process of making the pottery is what made the Villarreal family want to bring it back home. What makes their pottery and crafts different is the personal hand selection process that Mr. Villarreal has always used in his business.

The pottery is made by families of artisans. While some members do the mixing of the clay, others do the painting but all have learned the craft from their ancestors.

Mr. Villarreal has developed a special process to treat the rustic pottery to that it can withstand the elements and can last beautiful longer, will want to use it inside your home.  He has also developed a process for fine pottery.  The colors and finishes will make it a piece of art in your home but you won’t have the guilt of buying an expensive piece of art.